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Free Fire Advance Server Registration – server

Free Fire Advance Server Registration – server 2023. Free Fire Diamond Hack ob39, Set Edit Command for Free Fire, Free Fire Max Mod Menu Apk.

1. Free Fire Advance Server Registration 2. FF Advance Server OB39  2. Free Fire Max Mod Menu Apk

Sigma Free Fire Apk Download – ff advance server ob39

India’s one of popular Battle Royale Game. Yes Garena Free Fire which is also known as Sigma Free Fire. Free Fire is Developed by Garena in 2017. Till that time FF is popular for Mobile Gaming Industry. In 2023 for Ios and android user Sigma Free Fire is king of all Gamers. Various achievements is made by Free Fire Apk in 2019 FF Battle Royale Game is most download Game In Globally. And in Journey of 2023 Free Fire touches 187 million daily active users. 

Name Of Game Garena Free Fire
Popularly known as Sigma Free Fire and FF
Game Developed by Garena
Garena Free Fire Released on 8 December 2017
Fire Fire Game type Battle Royale Game
Achievements by Free Fire In 2019 Free Fire Is Most Download Game In Globally
Year 2024
Daily Active Users In 2023 187 million daily active users
Free Modes Multi-Player Mode
Official Website

About Garena Free Fire – Garena Esports 2024

A popular game developing company whose name will listen by everyone in somewhere. Garena one of Popular online games developing company. Garena is a Singapore Based Company which is designed in 2009. Many of popular games is designed by Garena. Games such as Call Of Duty Mobile, Free Fire, Arena Of Valor, Speed Drifters, Contra Returns. Every Year organization of Garena Conduct Mobile ESports Tournament. Prize Of Garena Tournaments will be in Crores.

Company Name Garena
Garena Founded In 2009
Garena Company Of Mobile Game Developing Company
Founder of Garena Forrest Li
Garena Company Based For Singapore
Year 2023
Popular Games Developed by Garena
  • Call Of Duty Mobile,
  • Free Fire,
  • Arena Of Valor,
  • Speed Drifters,
  • Contra Returns
Page for Free Fire Advance Server Registration
Category Mobile Game
Official Website

Free Fire Advance Server Registration 2024

Developers Of Free Fire make changes in game in every month for making game more smooth and Glitch free. For that Garena release various OB Updates in Free Fire. Right Now Free Fire Run on FF Ob38 Server and all gamers are waiting for Free Fire Advance Server OB39.

Registration of Free Fire Advance Server will be started around mid of March 2024 {Expected}. Free Fire Advance Server Registration can give various benefits for all players. Size of Free Fire Apk is Just 629 Mb but additional inside game data is around 2-3 gb. All Details for Sigma Free Fire in mentioned below.

Name of Free Fire Current Server OB38
Free Fire Advance Server Registration OB39 Server
Main Features of FF Lastest Version
  • Fix Bugs,
  • Fix Glitches,
  • Improve Game Quality,
  • Released New pets,
  • New Gun Skin Released.
Free Fire Advance Server Registration Date Mid Of March 2023 {Tentatively}
FF Advance Server Released by Developers Of Game {Garena}
Year 2023
Good News for All Free Fire Gamers
Advance Server For Free Fire Android Apk
Free Fire Advance Server Registration Provided Here
Our Portal

फ्री फायर एडवांस सर्वर – फ्री फायर मैक्स एडवांस सर्वर एपीके 2024 :

फ्री फायर जो कि विश्व का एक बहुत ज्यादा प्रसिद्ध बैटल रॉयल गेम है यह गेम साल 2017 के अंदर लांच हुआ था! उसके बाद से ही यह है भारत का और विश्व का सबसे ज्यादा प्रसिद्ध मोबाइल और आईओएस बैटल रॉयल गेम बन गया! फ्री फायर को डेवलप किया है गरीना ने जो कि एक सिंगापुर बेस्ट कंपनी है यह मोबाइल एप्स को डेवलप करती है! गरीना ने और भी बहुत से प्रसिद्ध मोबाइल गेम डेवलप किए हैं जैसे कि कॉल ऑफ ड्यूटी अरीना ऑफ लो स्पीड बूस्टर काउंटर रिटर्न्स!

गरीना के डेवलपर्स और फ्री फायर के डेवलपर्स हर महीने फ्री फायर के कुछ नए अपडेट चलाते रहते हैं जिससे गेम में नई नई चीजें आती रहे और गेम के जो ब्लीच और बर्ड्स है वह ठीक किए जा सके! अब साल 2023 में सभी को फ्री फायर एडवांस सर्वर रजिस्ट्रेशन 2023 का बेसब्री से इंतजार है! अभी फ्री फायर का करंट सरवर ओबी 38 है! अब सभी गेमर्स को फ्री फायर के नए सर्वर ओबी 39 का बेसब्री से इंतजार है!

लिक न्यूज के अनुसार फ्री फायर गरीना के डेवलपर्स इसका एडवांस सर्वर ओबी 39 मार्च महीने के आस-पास तक रिलीज कर देंगे! भी गेमर्स फ्री फायर एडवांस सर्वर में रजिस्टर करना चाहता है और इसका एपीके डाउनलोड करना चाहता है वह नीचे दिए गए आर्टिकल के माध्यम से कर सकता है! हमने आपको फ्री फायर एडवांस सर्वर रजिस्ट्रेशन रिलेटेड सभी जानकारी दे दी है तो इस पेज को अच्छे से पढ़े और हमारे साथ जुड़े रहे हैं!

Characters In Free Fire Advance Server:

Developers of Free Fire has Providing various different Characters for making FF more Interesting. By Garena Free Fire Characters user and gamer can choose basic Of their Avtar. Every gamer want that their gaming character is look like him/here. For that FF Developers is providing various Different Free Fire Characters.

A-Patroa {Music Shop Boss} Luna {Guild Leader} Iris {Mission Operator} Santino {Fashion Designer} Tatsuya {Impulsive Hot Head}
Kenta {Bladesmith} Homer {Assassin} J.Bibes (Adventurous Songster) Leon (Basket Baller) Nairi (Climate Change Researcher)
Thiva [Lead Singer and Musician] Otho [Memory Master] Marr [Falconer] Dimitri [Sound Engineer and Musician] Skyler [Entertainment CEO]
D-Bee {Beat Maker} Dasha {Secret Dealer} Shirou {App-Delevery Boy} Xayne {Extreme Athlete} Chrono {Bounty Hunter}
Kelly (Track Sprinter) K (Professor) Hayato (Samurai Heir) Luqueta (Soccer Star) Misha (Racecar Driver)
Moco [Hacker] Steffie [Graffiti Artist] Maxim [Speed Eater] Caroline [Miss High and Might] Rafael [Gun For Hire]
Andrew {Ex-Police Officier} Laura {Special Agent} Alok {World Famous DJ} Clu {Private Dedctor} Jota {Parkour Expert}
Wolfrahh (Video Game Streamer) Antonio (Gangster) Miguel (Soldier) Alvora (Demolitionist) Paloma (Gang Leader)
Nikita [Bodygaurd] Joseph [Tech CEO] Kapella [Pop Star] Notora [Motor Cycle Racer] Olivia Healer
Wukong {Battle Cyborg} A124 {Huminoid Robot} KLA {Muay Thai Fighter} Shani {Junkyard Engineer} Ford {Sea Captain}

Characters In Free Fire

Free Fire Advance Server Registration New Pet List:

For making your free fire characters more attractive developers is providing each character a Pet. There are various pets in free fire such as Fang, Finn, Zasil and many more. All these Free Fire Pets always run with your character.

Night panther Shiba Detective panda Robo Spirit Fox
Monny Dreki Dr Beanie Beaston Falco
Rockie Mr. Waggor Ottero Agent Hop Yeti
Sensei Tig Flash Hoot Finn Zasil

Free Fire Rare Gun Skin – FF Advance ob39 Weopon List

As all gamers know very well that Free Fire is battle royale game. And in battle royale game you have to survive in a zone or map by eliminating other players. For that you have to pick out  weapons’ and eliminates other players to survive till last. Here in below list of all weapons’ available in free fire.

Light Machine Gun Melle  SMG Launcher AR Shot Gun Pistol  SR Marksman Rifle Projectiles
Kord Katana UMP MGL140 XM8 Charge Buster Flamethrower M24 Woodpecker Glow Wall
M249 Machete MP40 AN94 Mag 7 Miniuzi M82B AC80 Fresh Freez
M60 Scythe P90 Treatment Las M1887 USP2 Treatment SVD Grenade
Gatling Pan CG15 M79 Shield Gun M1014 FF Knife Kar98k SKS Smoke Grenade
Baseballpole Vector M4A1 Trogon Hand Cannon AWM Glo Melter
Thompson RGS50 FAMAS SPAS12 M1917
Mp5 Groza Desert Eagle
Scar USP
M14 M1837
Plasma Treatment
Aug M500

Map List in Garena Free Fire – Map And Modes in Free Fire:

For improving gaming Experience and making Free Fire more Interesting. Developers of Garena Free Fire has offered various maps as well as Different modes. Modes such as solo, Duo, and Squad. TDM Match, Classic match and Various other Facilities.

Bermuda Remestered


Team Deathmatch
Pet Mania
Clash Squad
Big Head
Explosive Jump
Cold Steel
Battle Royale
Clash Squad
Lone Wolf

Free Fire Advance Server Registration Play Store & IOS Download:

Garena Free Fire app is available on both Play store and App Store. For  Download in Ios  user can download it from App Store. If User are Android user then they can download Free Fire From Play Store. On Playstore Free Fire app is just 629 Mb which has 4.0 Rating on 114 million review. Which clearly indicates that Free Fire Apk is loved by users. 

Free Fire Play Store Apk:

Apk Name Free Fire
Developed By Garena International
Age Limit 18 Year + Can Download
Total Downloads 1 Billion+
Rating 4/5 On 14 Million Review
Free Fire Android Apk Size 629 MB
Latest Version OB 39
Play Store Link

Free Fire Advance Server App Store Link:

Name Of App Free Fire
Tagline 10-minute Survival Shooter!
FF Size in App Store 1.5 GB
Requirement Requires iOS 9.0 or later
Trending On #16 in Adventure
Free Fire Version 1.98.1
Rating and Review 3.9
Free Fire App Store Link

Free Fire App Store

How To Install Free Fire Updated Version – How to server 2024 :

  • First of al client will have to go on Play store or App Store According To Their device {Playstore: Android | AppStore: IOS}
  • After visiting on homepage of play store and app store in search bar type Free Fire.
  • Now various Results will be Appear on your screen you have to select app which is developed by GARENA INTERNATIONAL I PRIVATE LIMITED.
  • After click on app you have to click on Install button and downloads will be starting in your mobile phone.
  • With completing download installing will automatically started in your device.
  • Now your Garena Free Fire is successfully installed in your mobile device.

Some Important Links:

Garena Free Fire official Website Click Here
Free Fire Play Store Install Link Install Here
Garena FF App Store Download Link Download Here

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